Hot decomposition speeds composting

Hot decomposition speeds composting

Heat-loving microorganisms are responsible for the first, hot, stage
of warm decomposition. Such germs abound in Bio Composter flakes. During this important stage at the beginning of composting, the temperature in the Thermo-Composter® rises sharply (often above 60 ° C).
At these temperatures most weed seeds and pathogens (e.g. fungal
mycelium) are rendered harmless.

Hot Start
Warm decomposition starts suddenly when you add Bio-Composter
flakes. The temperature curve on the graph clearly shows the difference. The results were submitted by Prof. Heinänen of the National Farming Institute in Helsinki in the course of registering the Bio-Composter brand in Finland.

  • Heat generation during composting
    WITH Bio-Composter flakes
  • Heat generation during composting
    WITHOUT Bio-Composter flakes
  • Outside temperature


Stoeckler No respite in autumn or winter

No respite in autumn or winter

Also during the cold autumn months and even in wintertime with
temperatures below freezing decomposition continues slow but
sure. Accordingly, the resulting kitchen and garden waste can
still be collected in the HANDY Thermo-Composter® because
this rugged compost silo is insulated by its double walls, which
prevent any major heat loss.

However, every now and then the microorganisms must be replenished. So every time you add a new layer of kitchen waste,
you should sprinkle some Bio-Composter flakes on it.
The outcome is splendid fresh compost, ideal for spreading in
early spring.

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