For over 30 years, the firm that today bears the name Stoeckler Group AG has shrewdly combined
quality with innovation. In its Swiss homeland, Stoeckler’s core business – devoted to natural gardening –
is regarded as a pioneer in devising solutions in tune with nature.
In addition to products for the environmentally conscious weekend gardener, Stoeckler Group AG
also develops successful products in other lines of business. The seal of quality that they have in
common is perfection and innovation.

Sale of gardening supplies and equipment

Our centrepiece is the Thermo-Komposter® – a fast composter insulated by air contained in its hollow walls. The Stoeckler product line is complemented by additional products. Our latest innovation: the Handy compost pitchfork with swivelling tines and a telescoping handle. Natural gardening enthusiasts take a holistic view of their habitat gardens and accordingly do all their work with great care and circumspection. Thus they are capable of turning any garden into a prized habitat teeming with variegated plant and animal species.
We wish to encourage you to do likewise.

Support for product development, manufacturing and procurement

This Stoeckler division assists firms, especially SMEs, in product development and manufacturing. Of great benefit to our customers is our global network closely linked to manufacturers with decades of experience. This means efficiency and cost savings. Here are two compelling examples:
  • Pro-Tent AG, which designs and manufactures tents for use as exhibition booths:
  • GreenCard, the first engine oil testing card.
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