Stoeckler Group AG




For over 30 years, the firm that today bears the name Stoeckler Group AG has shrewdly combined quality with innovation. In its Swiss homeland, Stoeckler’s core business – devoted to natural gardening – is regarded as a pioneer in devising solutions in tune with nature.

Our centrepiece is the Thermo-Komposter® – a fast composter insulated by air contained in its hollow walls. The Stoeckler product line is complemented by additional products. Our latest innovation: the Handy compost pitchfork with swivelling tines and a telescoping handle. Natural gardening enthusiasts take a holistic view of their habitat gardens and accordingly do all their work with great care and circumspection. Thus they are capable of turning any garden into a prized habitat teeming with variegated plant and animal species.
We wish to encourage you to do likewise.

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